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What to Expect Across Cannabis Types and Strains.. What should you look for to understand strain effects?

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The two main types of cannabis, sativa and indica, are used for a number of medicinal and recreational purposes. Sativas are known for their “head high,” an invigorating, energizing effect that can help reduce anxiety or stress and increase creativity and focus. Indicas are typically associated with full-body effects, such as increasing deep relaxation and reducing insomnia. Although research examining these effects is limited, it appears these plants have more in common than previously thought.


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Cannabis sativa is found primarily in hot, dry climates with long sunny days. These include Africa, Central America, Southeast Asia, and portions of Western Asia.


Cannabis indica is native to Afghanistan, India, Pakistan, and Turkey. The plants have adapted to the often harsh, dry, and turbulent climate of the Hindu Kush mountains


Hybrids are a marijuana strain type that contain both indica and sativa genetics, allowing them to produce both types of effects. Hybrid are generally regarded by consumers as enjoyable and can be both energizing and relaxing, depending on specific strain lineage. Common types of hybrid strains are classified as being indica-dominant hybrid or sativa-dominant hybrid.

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